Suicide Chess
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Suicide pack
(3,4 MB)
Coroner's toolbox : All you need to die and let die. Includes Analyzor (obsolete > Azor), SuicideViewer, SuicideChallenger, Sjeng and KKF.
(15.4 MB)
[version 16.8] Renamed Azor since version 10, it's a distributed computing software to help us fill our opening database.
(240 KB)
A suicide engine (useful with Suicide Viewer).
(380 MB)
End Game TableBase for KKF.
(100 Kb)
Small tool to translate game move from SAN notation to square notation.Example : from (1.e3 b5 2.Bxb5) to (e2e3 b7b5 f1b5)

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